Filhos da Terra: scripts to enter Brazil deep

Sons and Daughters of the Land: Diversity and Brazilian Culture is an authorial project, the realization of a desire: to document and show Brazil who the Brazilian people are, as are their celebrations and celebrations. In this sense, the set of photographs that brings us Eraldo Peres is added to a strong line of interpreters who seek our identity in the field of culture, more than that, in a traditional culture that would have formed from three races, the indigenous , Portuguese and African. The liberality of customs and the scarcity of white women would be the source of all gradations of color, of the physiognomic variety observable in the mulattoes, in the Mamelukes, in the cafuzos, and in other ethnic mixtures. In short, the historical process would have crystallized in the phenomenon of miscegenation that is evident not only in the faces but also in the culture that these people hold.


Inspired by the book The Brazilian People, by Professor Darcy Ribeiro, the project establishes its work guidelines based on cultural routes - Atlantic Coast - Crioula Culture; Sertões - Sertaneja, Caipira and Gaúcha Culture; Povos da Mata - Cabloca Culture, and Migration Flows - Territories of Cultural Encounters - DF.


Eraldo Peres

Photograpy and research | Author and creator of the project

Angélica Madeira

Professsor and research (UnB and Instituto Rio Branco) | Research Consulting and Coordination

Clovis Britto

Professor and research (UFS and UFBA) | Content researcher

Carol Peres

Journalist | Content director and Search assistance

João Campello

Design | Art director

Sérgio Almeida e Raimundo Paccó

Photography | Photo assistant






The project has as its methodological reference the National Inventory of Cultural References - INRC, with actions of data collection and registration and field research with reference to the instruments of visual anthropology and photo-ethnography.

It seeks to develop cultural processes of research, knowledge and documentation of cultural manifestations, based on the accomplishment of bibliographical research, field research and photographic documentation, as well as the systematization and dissemination of results.


Photo Agency - Photography and Cultural Production

Executive Production


Jamile Romeu / Gleides Verônica / Hernane Pinto / Ana Lúcia Machado / Ricardo Cavalcanti / Wladia Drummond / Kazuo Okubo / Itibiriçá Rodrigues / Paulo Santos / Natália Yamane / Gleici Rodrigues / Luiz Silva / Priscila Abadio / Maria Ligia Caviglioni / Anderson Parreiras / Davy Alexandrisky / Rinaldo Morelli / César Arruda / Ieudo Lacerda / Cristina Mainart / Anderson Damasceno / Luzmair de Siqueira / Tatiana Martins / Renato Araújo / Joédson Alves / Zuleika de Souza / Roberto Jayme / Rui Faquini / Marcos Romeu / Vanda Peres / Daniela Margotto / Marcus Vinicius / Edvaldo Ferreira / Marri Nogueira / Maria Clara Arreguy 


This project is funded by the Federal District Culture Support Fund - FAC / GDF - Brasília, Brazil.